Solar Inflatable Lantern

  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Foldable

100% Waterproof

Energy & Space Savings.

The light intensity can be adjustable with different mode.

In-built carry strap for easy
carrying or hanging purpose.

It can charge through direct
sunlight & incandescent light.

Completely Solar Powered. Charging
with 8 hours of normal day light.

Applications: Flood areas, Forest Areas, Rural Areas, CRPF /Border Areas, River Patrolling, Islands.

Features and Technical Specifications

Factor Specifications
Light Time
6 Hours on high mode, 12 Hours on low mode.
90 Lumens on high mode, 40 lumens on low mode.
Charging Time
Can be fully charged by 8 hours of exposure to direct sunlight.
3 Lighting Mode
High, Low and Flashing.
100% waterproof transparent PVC
About 30 cm Height
Approx. 50 Lumens to illuminate 100-150 Sq. Ft.
Solar Panel
Solar Panel Size
80 X 80 mm
Over Current and short circuit protection
3.7/1000mAh Lithium Polymer
10 Pcs LED
Charge Time
8 Hours
Working Time
5 to 12 Hours
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