Solar Led Street Light

  • Intelligent and efficient motion sensor
  • Automatic dawn-dusk operation
  • High reliability & durability

Features and Advantages

1500 Lumens at 100% brightness.

Constant Current output.

PIR Motion Sensor

11.1 V, 13Ah Li-Ion Battery.
Support Zero-Voltage Charging.

Temperature Compensated
Battery charging

Detection distance-12m,
View Angle 102° X 92°

Approved by MNRE Govt, of India.

Solar Panel – 40 W/ 60 kW/80 kW

Support one and half nights after full charging

Easy Installation & Operation.

Easy Maintenance

Highly economic & reliable.

Excellent for remote villages.

Applications: Street, Garden lighting, Remote area, car parking, boundary walls.

Factor Specifications
High power LED warm white 6000-6500K
Battery Type
11.1V, 13Ah Li-ion
Install height
(4m) / (4000mm)
Solar Panel
Solar Charging Time
1 Day
Lighting Time
1.5 Days
Alluminium Alloy
(66.0x43.5x3.4)cm / (660x435x34)mm
Work Temperature
-25oC to 65oC
Lighting Mode
33% brightness Run Mode 100% brightness on PIR Detection (motion sensor)
IP 65

Technical Specifications

Model LED light wattage Light mounting height
above ground
Suggested distance
between 2 poles
Model 1
12 W
4 mtr
12 mtr
Model 2
15 W
5 mtr
15 mtr
Model 3
20 W
6 mtr
18 mtr
Model 4
25 W
7 mtr
22 mtr
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