Nobody owns the sun yet – It is free for Life.

About Us

When the team of Atlanta was looking for a reliable solar power company to solarise the residence of one of their client, a lot of effort was made to find a reliable and quality solutions for rooftop market. To all of our surprise, there were too many options & too much offers from numerous vendors but none which fulfilled the objective. Wondering if there could be a better solution, the team years understanding the very basics of the Indian rooftop solar market with precise focus on customer objectives be it technical or financial while designing the solutions, project installations & the entire operations & maintenance for next 25 years of ownership. This effort made it clear that there is a need to standardise the industry with right quality, efficient designs and provide a transparent platform for decision making.  And thus was born the journey of Atlanta Energy. We present to you our simple solutions to all your energy needs which we will strive to improve every single day of our lives. Our vision is to set global benchmarks for distinctive power products, consumer experiences and honest best practices.

We believe that what you love doing is way more important than what you have done & the credentials you have.

Our Values

Customer Focus

We Atlantians take every decision keeping our customers at focus, hence enhancing the customer experience at every interaction. 


We believe in being honest to our team, our investors and our customers foremost. Honesty in our commitments, deliverables and expectations. 


We indulge in attention to detail at every step of our journey. Hundreds of such small steps ensure that every customer gets great solutions and great service.