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Hybrid Solar System

  • Designed to reduce electricity & diesel consumption
  • Works with Battery during power cuts & low voltages
  • Un-interrupted & automatic operations

Recommended for areas with high DG usage

  • Load connected limited by Inverter capacity
  • Stand-by generator required for cloudy days
  • Less efficient than grid tied systems because of battery charging & discharging losses
Technical Specifications
Load Type Single Phase - 230V / 50 Hz
Capacity of PCU / Max. Load 1 kVA / 1 kW (@unity power factor)
DC Voltage 48 V
Battery Output 2 Units (1 Unit = 1 Hour of 1 kVA Loads)
Total Battery Capacity 48 V / 75 Ah
No. of Batteries 4
Capacity of each Battery 12 V / 75 Ah
Type of Battery Low Maintenance Lead Acid
PV Output 2.9 Units per day on yearly average
Total PV Capacity 1.2 kWp
No. of PV Modules 4
Capacity of each PV Module 300 Wp
Type of PV Cell Polycrystalline Silicon

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