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Grid Tied Solar System

  • Works along with power grid to reduce electricity consumption
  • Least expensive solar solution
  • Suitable for cities with reliable grid supply like Delhi, etc.
  • Generates approx. 4 units per day from 1 kWP on a yearly average output
  • Does not work during power cuts
  • No battery backup
Technical Specifications
Load Type Single Phase - 230V
Capacity of Inverter 1000 VA
Annual Generation Potential 1800 Units on first year (1 Unit = 1 Hour of 1000 VA Loads)
Solar Panels 1.25 kWp
No. of Panels 5
Each Panel 250 Wp
Other Items Included 1. Solar PV Panels 2. Solar Grid Tied Inverter 3. Weather proof MS Hot Dip Galvanized Solar Panel Mounting Structures 4. Maintenance & Emergency Solar System Isolation Switch 5. Circuit Breakers with Enclosures 6. Various types & sizes of power cables for standard length of 15 Metres each - Add on as per site requirements 7. Surge Protection Device / Lightning Arrestor 8. Maintenance free grounding Electrode + Compound for earth pit 9. Other Consumables items like Cable ties, Wall Mounting Screws / Clamps, Insulation Tapes, etc.
Installation Included
Civil Works Add on as per site conditions
Factory Warranty 5 Years for all Equipment & 25 Years for power generation of Solar PV Modules.
AMC First Year Free with 3 preventive maintenance visits

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