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Hybrid Solar System

  • Designed to reduce electricity & diesel consumption
  • Works with Battery during power cuts & low voltages
  • Un-interrupted & automatic operations

Recommended for areas with high DG usage

  • Load connected limited by Inverter capacity
  • Stand-by generator required for cloudy days
  • Less efficient than grid tied systems because of battery charging & discharging losses
Technical Specifications
Load Type Single Phase - 230V / 50 Hz
Capacity of PCU / Max. Load 10 kVA / 10 kW (@unity power factor)
DC Voltage 120 V
Battery Output 2.7 Units (1 Unit = 1 Hour of 1 kVA Loads)
Total Battery Capacity 120 V / 40 Ah
No. of Batteries 10
Capacity of each Battery 12 V / 40 Ah
Type of Battery Low Maintenance Lead Acid
PV Output 26 Units per day on yearly average
Total PV Capacity 10.8 kWp
No. of PV Modules 36
Capacity of each PV Module 300 Wp
Type of PV Cell Polycrystalline Silicon

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