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Grid Tied Solar System

  • Works along with power grid to reduce electricity consumption
  • Least expensive solar solution
  • Suitable for cities with reliable grid supply like Delhi, etc.
  • Generates approx. 4 units per day from 1 kWP on a yearly average output
  • Does not work during power cuts
  • No battery backup
Technical Specifications
Load Type Three Phase - 400 V
Capacity of Inverter 10000 VA
Annual Generation Potential 14688 Units on first year (1 Unit = 1 Hour of 1000 VA Loads)
Solar Panels 10.2 kWp
No. of Panels 34
Each Panel 300 Wp
Other Items Included 1. Solar PV Panels 2. Solar Grid Tied Inverter 3. Weather proof MS Hot Dip Galvanized Solar Panel Mounting Structures 4. Maintenance & Emergency Solar System Isolation Switch 5. Circuit Breakers with Enclosures 6. Various types & sizes of power cables for standard length of 15 Metres each - Add on as per site requirements 7. Surge Protection Device / Lightning Arrestor 8. Maintenance free grounding Electrode + Compound for earth pit 9. Other Consumables items like Cable ties, Wall Mounting Screws / Clamps, Insulation Tapes, etc.
Installation Included
Civil Works Add on as per site conditions
Factory Warranty 5 Years for all Equipment & 25 Years for power generation of Solar PV Modules.
AMC First Year Free with 3 preventive maintenance visits

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